Hotel Vastu

Before building an inn Vastu must be suspected so as to check the site, area, topography, geology, soil, and bearings while in existing inn Vastu specialists prescribe few solutions for invalidating the negative impacts of misguided course. Here are a few hints for inn Vastu:

As indicated by Vastu-Shastra plot for lodgings must be picked in normal shapes, for example, rectangular and square while shapes like hexagon, triangular or oval must be maintained a strategic distance from to pick up benefit.


Vastu for HotelHotel area ought to have at least two streets particularly on the North or East side

Leave the segment of North and East open while developing lodging.

Inn must be all around ventilated, lit up and substantial.

Storeroom or kitchen ought to be given South-east corner and other electrical types of gear including fountains, meters should likewise be utilized toward this path as it were.

Kitchen ought to be built at Ground floor as it were.

Guest’s room ought to be made in South-west part of lodging with beds put in South or West so they lay down with head towards South or East.

Spot overhang of lodgings in Eastern or Northern heading.

Washrooms and toilets must be made in North-west or West.

Lodging premises ought to be gigantic and open to keep up the stream of positive vitality.

We need to deal with the accompanying focuses while considering about the Vastu of the inns. Vastu conference of lodgings includes an intensive examination.

  • Appropriate area of the business complex with respect to the streets.
  • The outsides of the workplace like shape, incline, stature, the water level
  • The area of the pillars
  • The area of the storm cellar
  • The direction of the Entrance
  • The direction and situation of the windows
  • The direction and situation of the open space to be left
  • The direction and situation of the space where the development needs to occur

Vastu Shastra

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