Kitchen Vastu

The kitchen is an essential part of any Indian household. Every single appliance that finds in your kitchen is important, and if it is placed according to the principles of Vastu, can ensure that positivity prevails.

Vastu expert Sunil Sinha believes that the kitchen is the best place to attain better health and improve motivation.

The direction of the Kitchen Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, Your kitchen is surrounding in positive vibes, the elements of earth, sky, air, fire, and water need to be in balance. If necessary, change or adjust certain areas in your kitchen to increase positive energy in your home.

8 Important Vastu Shastra Guidelines for Kitchen

  1. 1. According to Vastu Shastra, the Lord of Fire—Agni—prevails in the southeast direction of the home, which means that the ideal placement of the kitchen is the southeast direction of your home. The kitchen is never constructed in the north; north-east or south-west directions of the home as it will hugely damage relationships between family members.
  2. All the objects (so gas stoves, cylinders, microwave ovens, toasters) inside the kitchen represent fire, among other appliances, should be placed in the south-east part of the kitchen. Also, these items should be placed in a manner which wills a person to face the east while cooking.
  3. Wash basins, the washing machine, water pipes, and the kitchen drain should be in the north or northeast direction inside the kitchen or placed outside the kitchen in the western part of the house. It is important to maintain a balance among the fire and water elements. If a balance is maintained with respect to water, you will flourish in terms of wealth and health.
  4. The refrigerator should be positioned in the south-west direction to help you defeat problem in life. It will also ensure a peaceful kitchen environment.
  5. The windows in the kitchen should face the north, east or north-east section of the kitchen.
  6. Avoid painting your kitchen black. Instead, opt for vibrant colors like yellow, rose, chocolate brown, green, orange or red.

Vastu Shastra

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